In our acquisition of knowledge of the Universe (whether mathematical or otherwise) that which renovates the quest is nothing more nor less than complete innocence. It is in this state of complete innocence that we receive everything from the moment of our birth. Although so often the object of our contempt and of our private fears, it is always in us. It alone can unite humility with boldness so as to allow us to penetrate to the heart of things, or allow things to enter us and taken possession of us. ~Alexander Grothendieck

While I myself cannot claim to possess any special knowledge of any topics. I do find this idea of openness and exploration and above all innocence to be highly appealing. I hope this place to be where I can write down, summarize, synthesize topics as I learn them. Always trying to regain and perhaps retain a sense of openness to new ideas.

If you are looking for a place where I generally leave my code then that can be found at GitHub.

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